Session 5 – MVA Working Groups / Projects Seminars (Breakout Sessions)

Architectural Concepts WGCo-Chairs: John C. Mankins, Yoshifumi Inatani Coordination & Cooperation WGCo-Chairs: Giuseppe Reibaldi, Mark Sundahl Cultural Considerations WGCo-Chairs: Remo Rapetti, Arthur Woods Exploration Analogues WGCo-Chairs: Koorosh Araghi Lunar Commerce & Economics WGCo-Chairs: Derek Webber, Gidon Gautel Participation of Emerging Space Countries (PESC) ProjectProject Lead: Ghanim Alotaibi Payload ProjectProject Lead: Ayman Ahmed

Session 6 – Vision for the Moon Village: Future

Selected Presentations from Call for Papers & Round Table Moderator: Dr. Georgios Nicolaou Presentations: Arun Radhakrishnan (India)“Ethical & Sustainable Features of Mining of the Lunar Surface” Hubert Gross (Poland)“Xors Moon base – interdisciplinary project” John C. Mankins (USA)“Oasis 2045: the first human settlement on the Moon” Round Table participants : John C. Mankins, USA Arun …