Analogue WG

Co-Chairs: Koorosh Araghi, Robert Mueller

  1. Introduction: Analogue Working Group objectives and gales- Koorosh Araghi
  2. Baseline Lunar analogue architecture-Koorosh Araghi
  3. Sub-team progress reporting
    1. Resource Utilization – Kunal Kulkarni
    2. Terrestrial Applicability – Dhanisha S.
    3. Human Factor – Gilkar AshfaQ, Juan Luca Umali, Saswati Das
    4. Business Incentives – Balkrishna Agarwal, Ariann Duncan
    5. Laws – Caroline Santos Oliveira Lanzieri Do Nascimento, Saswati Das
    6. Operations – Filippo Mendoza, Margarita Belali
  4. Q&A – Moderated by Koorosh Araghi

Architecture WG

Co-Chairs: John C. Mankins, Yoshifumi Inatani

  1. Introduction – John C. Mankins
  2. “Progress in architecture study for building society on the Moon” – Dr. Yuki Sakamoto (Japan)
  3. “Overview of Lockheed Martin Surface Mobility Studies” – David Murrow (USA)
  4. “Brief Report on Progress in MVA Architecture WG Studies”– John C. Mankins (MVA)
  5. Q&A – Moderator – John C. Mankins

Coordination & Cooperation WG

Co-Chairs: Giuseppe Reibaldi, Mark Sundahl

  1. Introduction and Summary of Activities
    1. Overview of C&C Committee
    2. Best Practices for Sustainable Lunar Activity
    3. The Registration Project
    4. Incubation of and Continuing Cooperation with the GEGSLA
  2. Brainstorm: Future Projects
    1. Short term Projects (6-12 months)
    2. Longer term/Continuing Projects
  3. Increasing Membership/Participation in Committee

Cultural Considerations WG

Co-Chairs: Remo Rapetti, Arthur Woods

  1. The “Why Me to the Moon?” video project – Arthur Woods
  2. Report on WG’s activities in the current year – Remo Rapetti
  3. Information about two webinars about art and the Moon – Lisa Pettibone
  4. Reporting on the next webinar: Arab culture and the Moon – Sahba El-Shawa
  5. Proposal for a new webinar: Spiritual needs on the Moon – Giulio Prisco
  6. Discussion

Lunar Commerce & Economics WG

Co-Chairs: Derek Webber, Gidon Gautel

  1. Introduction: Lunar Commerce & Economics Working Group – Derek Webber/Gidon Gautel
  2. Potential Customers (eg. Mining Lunar Resources) – Yann Perrot
  3. Potential Suppliers (eg. Transport to the Moon) – Dallas Bienhoff
  4. Value Chains (eg. Infrastructure, Construction & Manufacturing) – Erik Kulu
  5. Future Work: Market Modelling & Quantification – Gidon Gautel
  6. Q&A

Participation of Emerging Space Countries (PESC) Project

Project Lead: Ghanim Alotaibi

  1. What is PESC? – Ghanim Alotaibi
  2. Local Teams presentations (Mongolia, Egypt, Jordan, Chile)
  3. Discussion about the Future of PESC – Moderated by Terence Fernandez
  4. General Q & A- Moderated by Terence Fernandez

Payload Project

Project Lead: Ayman Ahmed

  1. Introduction about the MVA- Payload project – Ayman Ahmed
  2. MVA Payload system architecture – Marco Crescenzi
  3. MVA Payload outreach activities – getting involved. – Madeleine Bandurski
  4. MVA Payload Partners – Ching-Te Yen
  5. General discussion – Q&A – Pavi Manghaipathy