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Session 5 – MVA Working Groups / Projects Seminars (Breakout Sessions)

Architectural Concepts WGCo-Chairs: John C. Mankins, Yoshifumi Inatani Coordination & Cooperation WGCo-Chairs: Giuseppe Reibaldi, Mark Sundahl Cultural Considerations WGCo-Chairs: Remo Rapetti, Arthur Woods Exploration Analogues WGCo-Chairs: Koorosh Araghi Lunar Commerce & Economics WGCo-Chairs: Derek Webber, Gidon Gautel Participation of Emerging Space Countries (PESC) ProjectProject Lead: Ghanim Alotaibi Payload ProjectProject Lead: Ayman Ahmed

Session 6 – Vision for the Moon Village: Future

Selected Presentations from Call for Papers & Round Table Moderator: Dr. Georgios Nicolaou Presentations: Arun Radhakrishnan (India)“Ethical & Sustainable Features of Mining of the Lunar Surface” Hubert Gross (Poland)“Xors Moon base – interdisciplinary project” John C. Mankins (USA)“Oasis 2045: the first human settlement on the Moon” Round Table participants : John C. Mankins, USA Arun …

Session 2 – Space Agencies Greetings

Mr. Yao Jianting, Deputy Director General of Department of International Cooperation, China National Space Administration (CNSA) Mr. R.Umamaheswaran, Scientific Secretary, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Mr. Hiroshi Sasaki, Vice President for International Space Exploration, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Dr. Salvador Landeros Ayala, Director General, Mexican Space Agency (AEM) Dr. Mohamed El-Koosy, CEO, Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) Dr. …